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Global Sevilla Preschool Jakarta Timur: Mindfulness Practice for Children

The Mindfulness program in Global Sevilla involves relaxed focusing activities that can help manage challenging behaviors and anxiety in children. Many studies suggest that mindfulness can help children with learning, emotional intelligence, and self-confidence. Let’s have a look at what mindfulness is like in Global Sevilla preschool Jakarta Timur!

A Closer Look About Mindfulness Practice

For childhood education, mindfulness helps build a character that will eventually lead to academic success and develop good social skills. The simple breathing practice in mindfulness programs can help children focus and complete their tasks at hand. Mindfulness helps bring harmony to the children’s bodies and minds.

Global Sevilla believes that mindfulness is a way of living that can help reduce stress and anxiety among its students. Mindfulness allows children to be in their present moment and enables them to think and reflect. It is an ability to be fully present and not be overly reactive or overwhelmed with their academic goals.

Global Sevilla is committed to nurturing its students by bringing out their best characters and potentials through mindfulness practice. Mindfulness practice allows children to slow down and give their focus to their senses. Children are encouraged to thrive socially, academically, and emotionally in this program of preschool Jakarta Timur.

Mindfulness Program in Global Sevilla

As an International school, Global Sevilla does not only offer academic learning but also a strong character-building program. Global Sevilla aims to cultivate universal human qualities through its mindfulness program. Mindfulness in Global Sevilla is evidence-based and proven to bring a positive impact on children’s health and happiness.

Children are encouraged to bring awareness and caring into their daily activities. It is a practice to cultivate joy and peace inside us and in the external world. Regular practice of mindfulness improves children’s ability to learn effectively and promotes a kind attitude. Mindfulness teaches children to feel compassion and empathy for others.

Students in Global Sevilla are encouraged to practice mindful eating during the break time which helps bring a good impact on their sense of gratitude. Every once a week, a mindful sitting is conducted to help students practice focusing on their breathing. Mindfulness is integrated into Global Sevilla’s curriculum from preschool Jakarta Timur to the high school program.

Global Sevilla believed that mindfulness is the anchor of full-day activities. Practicing mindful activity helps children to have quality attention in the present moment. Mindfulness practice supports children to foster a positive attitude, interactions, and relationships with others. Students who practice mindfulness tend to give a better academic outcome.